Collection: Guardians of Outer Dimensions - #005

Guardians of Outer Dimensions #005

Exploring art's transcendent nature in invite connection to our imagination, creativity and highest expression. This collection is part of the Guardians of Outer Dimensions campaign, which notably features women in robes exuding nurture, grace, and strength.  We feel our highest expression, would naturally elevate the living miracle that is woman. Therefore, we will be committing 25% of this collection's proceeds to causes which will enhance and celebrate the lives of women.

This art was produced as part of a collaboration with Morpheus Sessions ( Available on Spotify and most platforms ). We released one of the first AI generated art music videos with many more to come!


You're invited to join us in expressing and realizing this intent and vision by sharing or buying our art and mission. A limited number of NFT's are available, which we priced to make it accessible for most to own a piece of history and have a chance to grow with us!

That said, its first come first serve on the marketplace, so please act quickly!  If you are a customer and NFTs got bought up already, with proof of purchase we will hold a limited amount of NFT's we can offer for purchase as well. :) 

We cherish your feedback, love, and support.

- SpoiledRobots